A Time For A Fresh Start


‘Tis the season for setting new goals.  This and other years paths had some hills and many crevasses with only occasional areas of level ground.  These I will gladly relinquish to the past.

I have learned a lot as I journeyed to the end of the year.  Most important,  life is easier to handle if one tries to understand, but not dwell, on the actions of others.  When we look beyond our own self, we become more tolerant and forgiving, for we begin to understand why those others seem so involved in themselves.  Many would argue, ‘Why bother?”, so as not to become one of them.  Today one hears that this is the”me”generation.  It is easy to fall into a mind-set that involves only our own happiness and/or misery.  Each of us has dreams, some more practical than others, but dreams are what keep us striving.  When those dreams are not realized, we must appreciate the good things we gained while trying.  Each of us have endured misery of some magnitude, as bad as it seems there is always someone else having a worse experience.

There are those, friends and family, who are an integrated parts of our lives, who repeatedly tax our understanding by their words and/or actions and vice versa.    Sometimes one needs to distance oneself, to lessen any friction, yet keep the life ties connected thus allowing time to heal.  Those who cut those ties are only hurting themselves.   In regards to family, ‘blood is thicker than water’, it  doesn’t mean it will blend well.  We are all only human.

New Year Resolution tradition is a time to set new goals.  My goals are to focus on those who strive to become more positive.   To try to understand, but not dwell on others seemingly bad actions, and to realize that my actions can also be misunderstood.  To appreciate all that surrounds me., the good and the bad for they balance me.  To accept things for what they truly are and not try to change them.  To be less critical of myself and allow myself  be who I am.

I write many verses inspired by places where I seek images to captured.  “Aspire to seek and find simplicity for it will bring placidity in the raging sea of life”  this one came to me as I stood on a rocky Oregon coastline.   I felt cleansed of troubling thoughts as I focused on the wind covering me with salty droplets it carried from an approaching storm driven waves, as they crashed upon the rocky shore.   So simple, yet powerful, were my surroundings that day!

To All Have A Safe And Happy New Year!

Prints of this image available at   www.deebrowningphotography.com


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Dee Browning photography

I am a photographer/artist who's passion is to seek out and capture images,create images and or journal my findings in surroundings I find myself in that lead to contemplating the art of living. Visit my website at https://www.deebrowningphotography.com https://www.facebook.com/deebrowningphotography https://www.facebook.com/deebrowningart © All images are copyrighted. All rights are reserved.

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