Experiencing Mental Fragmentation


Recently my living environment changed as planned.  The moving and downsizing transition went fairly smoothly due to careful planning, but still left me feeling slightly fragmented mainly because of time lost in regards to my work.  For about two months, while this transition took place, my work as a photographer/artist took a back seat.   No amount of yoga or meditation could ease the stress created by the empty void of productivity in my creative work.  To add to the stress, my work PC crashed, thus slowing my progress of getting back to work.  Normally I would take this in stride as my, yoga and meditation keeps me realistically grounded.  Being absent from not only my creativity side, but the near daily postings to all my business links, keeps my business fresh.  This has weighed heavily on my mental state.

As I finally have become settled, I have learned to appreciate simple living even more. I have always striven to live simply, as I like order.  I believe that is why I am more drawn to the Asian culture.  I have learned a really important lesson in this latest downsizing.  Over the years, I have accumulated things given to me and me keeping those I felt of importance. This took a lot of room and some stress, on my part, for their care, especially in storing such items.  When we made the move to downsize, I contacted family and friends to tell them I no longer could store, nor had room to display, these items in our new home.  To my surprise, most did not want them, nor did they care what I did with them.  At first I was sad, thinking of my own works of art and taste in material things, possibly being tossed aside.   I then realized beauty, importance, and tastes, differ from person to person.  Thus keeping life interesting.  So the sadness lifted and these items became a donation to a worthy cause.  I felt this best represented the people who created and/or appreciated them at one time and passed them on to me.  I will remember this learned experience in our last downsize/move when it is time to retire, for it will serve my mental state well.

Back to my current situation of getting back into my work, purchasing a new PC, uploading and updating programs. Setting up a painting area for my work in acrylics and watercolors is nearly completed.  I am now working on refreshing my business links and postings.   I have tentatively joined a new photography group located near my new home, and am looking into joining an art group.  This will offer challenge and inspiration in seeing their works.  With having more time to do this is encouraging.

Experiencing Simplicity in Life is Most Rewarding.

Dee Browning,photographer/artist



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Dee Browning photography

I am a photographer/artist who's passion is to seek out and capture images,create images and or journal my findings in surroundings I find myself in that lead to contemplating the art of living. Visit my website at https://www.deebrowningphotography.com https://www.facebook.com/deebrowningphotography https://www.facebook.com/deebrowningart © All images are copyrighted. All rights are reserved.

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