Farm Fest Horse Plowing Competition, McMinnville, Oregon

Farm Fest & Horse Plowing Competition

Yamhill County Historical Society and Oregon Draft Horse Breeders Association presented the annual Farm Fest and Plowing Competition in McMinnville, Oregon.  Held at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center, this years event took place with the variety of Oregon springtime weather of pouring rain, overcast skies and periodic sun breaks.  The ground being that of clay a good soaking made it easier to for the participates, both animal and human, working the field.

Like most women I know, I love horses, so this was not only a photography opportunity but also a treat to watch these magnificent animals and their handlers work.  Some still use this method to farm their land.  DKB7827

I enjoyed watching these two women work their team. Dressed for the job they made for great photographing.

One held the reins guiding the team, while the other attended to the plow, controlling the depth and direction.  At the end of each furrow, the plow is laid on its side, then dragged by the team into place to start another furrow.




Most teams entered in this event had one handler.  They would drape the reins over their bodies and using body movement guided the team.  Vocal commands were absent.




I enjoyed the opportunity when presented to talk to the handlers and to pet these wonderful animals.   Their strength and massive builds quite impressive for such patient and docile creatures.


Fascinating how well matched the teams are and a pleasure to watch them work together




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